“Dee’s excellent work significantly increased the number of new customers we got through our website. Her honest feedback, recommendations, and guidance helped us see things from a fresh perspective and improve the way we communicate with our audience as well as the experience we offer them.”

Daniel Bartlett – Co-Founder The Body Project

“I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I talked to a few marketing and business experts but none of them felt right. Then I reached out to Dee and she immediately got what I am trying to do. Working with her gave me clarity, confidence, it kept things on track, and most importantly it quickly brought in new clients

Roee Be’er - Roee Be’er Movement

“I was fortunate to work with Dee on a total re-do project and she did a fantastic job. She helped us help our audience and the results exceeded my expectations. I can only wish anyone working with her will enjoy and learn from the process as I did”

Hagai Reuveni – Humaneyes

“Dee is everything you’d ask for. She adjusts to your needs and expectations. She’s creative, flexible, direct, organized, open-minded and most of all, she’s great to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Esther Kassovicz – Founder Hateder Hanachon

“Dee is creative and bold in all of her work, and never settles on giving less than her best

Natalie Garnett – Art

“For a long time, I have been looking for someone truly skilled. A good friend recommended her and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Gal Maron – Founder Gal Maron

“Dee is one of those high standard professionals, and one of the best I ever worked with. I highly recommend her for any project requiring quality, clarity and a strong impactful voice”

Mali Beker – CEO Malis

“I knew Dee had a great reputation as a professional. I decided to hire her and was surprised by the accuracy, the style and the great results she provided. She nailed it.”

Nimrod Dweck – Activist, Founder of Dice Marketing and Rimon Game Studio CEO

Every business, that wants to start on the right foot and grow, should have one Dee. Her ability to bring clarity, listen and understand the business and each customer on a personal level made a great contribution”

Dusan Vita – Keepy

“D is attentive, creative, a joy to work for or with and highly recommend her, and hope I will get a chance to work with her again in the near future.”

Yaron Wainberg – Shnozel

“I had the pleasure to work closely with Dee. She did wonders for our customer relations. She is a true professional, highly motivated, always delivers on time and has an invaluable ability to push the team towards a common goal. On top of all, Dee is a great person and was really fun to work with!.”

Niv Sherf – Node.JC