It was 2014, a year after I landed in Silicon Valley
I was about to wrap up my 8th year in the marketing world when I realized…

I can’t keep doing this.

I can’t keep working with clients that pretend
pretend to have time but everything is rushed
pretend they want to go all the way but kept looking for shortcuts
pretend they want to make a difference but follow the easy money

I wanted to do the work I believe in with people that don’t want to pretend
I wanted to help the good guys win

So I left the dark side and created Depositivimpact

Dpositiveimpact is my way of offering my whole skill set to entrepreneurs like you, who are looking for another way. A non-sleazy, honest, and sustainable way to create and market their business

This might sound a little on the hippy-dippy side of things, and it is.
So is empathy, connection, integrity, and authenticity
But when applied correctly, it’s also a powerful and extremely effective approach to business and marketing – That is what I offer.

Despite what you’ve been told
You don’t need to “fake it till you make it”
There is no reason to feel confused or overwhelmed
You don’t have to spend gazillion dollars to get where you’re going
There is another way.
A way that offers value, makes a stand, and gets results
And that’s what I’m all about.

Other things
I’m passionate about 

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